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Thanks to in-house product development and consolidated partnerships with leading companies, PlastorGomma is able to produce and supply a wide range of technical items and components for various sectors of application.

Industrial transmissions

We are authorized dealers for Megadyne, a worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of mechanical transmissions. We offer rubber toothed and V-shape belts, polyurethane timing belts, toothed and V-shape wheels.

Heat sealing belts

Made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane, these belts feature a round, pentagonal or V-shape section and come with a stiffening core, a wear-resistant coating and a rubber, silicone, polyurethane and PVC grip.

Polythene profiles

These profiles feature standard and shaped sections for guides and roller chains, round and V-shape belts as well as toothed and flat belts. Guide profiles for extruded aluminium, zinc plated and stainless steel belts are also available.

Rollers and roller coating tubes

Made of PVC, polyurethane, silicone or rubber, these tubes may feature a smooth or rough surface, according to the required specifications. The tube coating is obtained through air inflation or cold glueing processes.

Industrial tubes

Complete range of industrial tubes designed for transferring liquids, dust, grit, food etc. These tubes feature extraordinary mechanical and physical properties such as flexibility and resistance to stress, abrasion, and heat.

Plastic materials

They include round slabs and bars made of polythene, PVC, polyamide, acetal resin, polypropylene and PFTE. We also offer multipurpose laminated materials – available in different colours and thickness – specifically designed for coating, workbenches etc.

Insulating and abrasive products

We offer a wide range of brushing machine buffers made of abrasive materials; slabs, rolls, and profiles in natural foam rubber; closed-cell foam; Fibrocel; reticulated polyurethane foam; slabs for acoustic insulation and absorption.

Aluminium profiles

Anodized and extruded aluminium profiles designed for industrial and hobby purposes. They ensures an easy realization of frames, workbenches, shelves, tables, boxes etc. Components and accessories for assembly are also available.