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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Change leads to innovation

PlastorGomma was born in Sassuolo (Modena) in 1969 as a small company managed by Isidoro Cavallini and dedicated to the sale of Pirelli products. Italy is in the full force of an economic boom, and the most proactive citizens begin to recognize the first signs of globalisation. It is in this period that Isidoro Cavallini decides to enter the ceramic industry and starts selling technical components as well as various types of industrial supplies. Growing and maturing in a district that will soon become the best-known ceramic district in the world allows PlastorGomma to integrate into a more complex industrial culture at the service of the many companies born in these years.

Innovation leads to growth

Throughout the past fifty years, PlastorGomma has grown from being a small family business to become a structured organization able to present itself as a reliable and punctual partner for companies of different sectors. Thanks to in-house product manufacturing and consolidated partnerships with leading companies, PlastorGomma is well-known for its ability to supply customers with high-quality, resistant technical items and components as well as efficient consulting and assistance services.

We love what we do

PlastorGomma aims at consolidating its market position through continuous research and development of innovative products capable of meeting the growing demand of a constantly evolving market. By supervising the entire manufacturing and purchasing process, we can offer an accurate and professional service from initial consulting to order management and logistics.

PlastorGomma has always stood out for its commitment to occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance.


Since 1969 we have been developing high organisational and operational flexibility that allows us to create innovative solutions. All our solutions can be customised depending on the specific requirements of each customer.


Industrial transmissions, heat sealing belts, flexible tubes, rubber sheets, and polythene and aluminium profiles are our main areas of intervention.


We have an internal technical office and a production laboratory, as well as cutting-edge technologies, highly-qualified personnel and an efficient manufacturing system.