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Change leads to innovation
Innovation leads to growth

PlastorGomma was founded in 1969 as a specialised dealer of technical items and industrial components for the ceramic industry. Over the years, the company has been able to stand out for high organisational and operational flexibility: a key feature that allowed rapid expansion to new sectors and markets. Today, PlastorGomma manufactures and resells a wide range of technologically advanced products and components, meeting the specific needs of numerous Italian and European companies. Constant investments in technology and high-level partnerships complete the profile of a well-structured, yet flexible and continuously evolving organisation.

What we can do for you

We offer excellent consulting and supply service to numerous companies both in Italy and abroad. We also develop customised packaging solutions to optimise the logistics processes of our customers.

B2B wholesale distribution 70%
Courtesy and experience

These are the values that have made us a punctual and relevant point of reference for the numerous companies that rely on our products and services. Skill, service and quick deliveries are the strong points of our wholesale sale point of technical items and components. Years of experience in trading and sales have made us a reliable partner capable of anticipating market demands and offering valuable consulting services.
Our proficient staff will support you throughout the purchasing process – from product selection to delivery – and will remain at your disposal to ensure prompt after-sales service, if necessary.

In-house manufacturing 30%
Production laboratory

The great attention we have always paid to the search for quality solutions has led us to manufacture specific product lines in-house. Today we have an in-house workshop and state-of-the-art machinery dedicated to the processing of plastic materials and the manufacturing of industrial transmissions, heat sealing belts, industrial rollers, and aluminium profiles. An approach that represents, without doubt, our main strength: the wide range of high-quality products and services allows our customers to rely on a single and preferential supplier capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements.

Vertical warehouses 100%
Greater efficiency is just one click away

To optimise intralogistics processes, we have decided to invest in an innovative system: the automated vertical warehouse. Intelligent, safe and equipped with a series of trays, this automated storage and retrieval system allows storing a greater quantity of goods than traditional warehouses. Controlled by a management software which simplifies picking, retrieval, order management and stock control operations, the automated vertical warehouse represents an added value in terms of safety, efficiency and optimisation of delivery times. PlastorGomma has six automated vertical warehouses: plastic and aluminium components, polythene profiles, rubber cylinders, and spare parts for the ceramic industry.


PlastorGomma relies on consolidated strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial items, technical components and other types of industrial supplies.

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